Mornex is a global computer consulting and system designing firm; It troubleshoots information security challenges.

Mornex offers cloud-based solutions, business computing and is a pioneer establisher of thriving network infrastructures in Israel.

From 2010 to this day, Mornex took the lead in the infrastructure and business TI field, providing advanced services to numerous corporate customers.

Mornex’s expertise and outstanding service made the company a leading server managing, building, and maintaining provider. The firm manages servers and firm integration for the most prominent internet organizations in the world.

Mornex is currently a business partner in leading global cloud infrastructure in Israel.

The firm launched its cloud activity in 2010, ever since it developed the “public cloud” towards a new, innovative solution that enables businesses’ to build and run servers around the world.
This solution offers an easily operated user interface, not dependant on 3rd parties.

In recent years, Mornex has invested in and developed advanced platforms with user interfaces enabling fully automated server environment design and management.

These interfaces allow building server templets for rapid construction, authorization policies management, communication architecture control, and API integration options.

On top of these qualities, the customer can control server structure and billing models for different environments, while benefiting from costs budget-oriented costs while moving companies forward technologically.

Mornex, nowadays, allows her customers to join its world-spread global cloud infrastructure.

The cloud infrastructure market is highly competitive and uncompromising, which challenges us time and time again.

Challenges we encountered in the past, led us to upgrade all cloud storage to SSD based storage around the globe. So the platform offers our clients better, faster, unmatched performance leading to a quicker, more efficient, and reliable workflow.

Mornex also offers a variety of expert customer tailor-made services:

Consulting – troubleshooting – supporting – 24/7 service

Mornex Team

Mornex’s team specializes in information security, cybersecurity, software, and communication infrastructure solutions.

The team works opposite senior hi-tech company managers, entrepreneurs, and firm owners of significant knowledge as well as practical experience.

We always hire team members obtaining extensive industry experience that our customers can benefit from service and professionalism wise. 

Our teams specialize in infrastructure and solutions; When facing challenges: from performance improvement to high-end services and complex projects, they dedicate their time to providing professional assistance.

Mornex’s service teams are information security experts
and Cloud backup experts.  They achieved their dominance by the exceptional around the clock availability and uncompromising guarantee to lead Israeli server management,  as well as acquiring international authorization and certification.

Mornex’s teams manage and maintain large companies’ server storages, requiring high availability and professional attention.

Global companies wisely selecting Mornex services, enjoy our teams’ vast experience and knowledge. This highly needed experience was acquired in years of working in the computing and server field.


Mornex services:

מחשוב ענן

Cloud computing

Matching innovative cloud technology solutions to upgrade and improve advanced workflow in your organization.

פתרונות אבטחת מידע

Information security and cybersecurity

A guard layer of information security and cybersecurity, protecting business from penetration and information theft, while meeting international standards.

שירותי IT לעסקים

IT services

Consulting, designing, building and operating company computing systems. Characterize infrastructure, hardware, and communication requirements to move towards an improved, technologically advanced working environment.


Licensing and software

Software license management such as Microsoft, Eset Bitdefender Fortinet and more software designed to maximize the organization’s IT infrastructure and fit it to all platforms.

microsoft azure mornex

Microsoft Office 365 solutions

Infrastructure and equipment solutions

Plan and install all technical equipment to create a convenient working environment: time clock, security cameras, intercom, and additional advanced equipment.

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