Mornex information security and cybersecurity services

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Mornex information security and cybersecurity services

Information security, IT, and cyber are an integral part of each other.
Information security is the practicality of risk and weakness protection in computer systems.
In recent years Information security and IT people became cyber people as well, respectively increasing their importance of preventing hazards and attacks.
IT manager usually purchases, install and run the security products. The software world became more complex (Internet, mobile, big data); therefore, the IT manager needs the assistance cybersecurity and information security specialized companies.
Organizations across the world experience more aggressive attacks – causing them to spend considerable amounts of money on system protection.
These system protection products, coverup what the software do not do on their own.
Organizations purchasing software progressively demand more security integrated into the product. Therefore they turn to Mornex, providing security solutions across the board.
Like quality control and performance improvement, information security is best-done sourcing from a system in-depth understanding.
Mornex team have that deep understanding devoted to providing excellent solutions.

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Firewall services

An underlying protection layer enabling access through protection policy enforcement, built around the organization network. Firewall also performs as a Site-to-Site VPN/ISPEC and as a platform enabling users access to internal resources using an external network via VPN/SSL-VPN. Firewall also offers advanced qualities such as SSL decryption, deep packet inspection, next-generation firewall qualities, anti-virus scan, URL filtering, DDOS penetrating testing solutions.

Secure cloud services

Up to this day, firms invested numerous resources and thought in information security and confidential data leakage, with cloud usage, they need not worry anymore. Though a lot may go wrong in an office and a business – break-in, fire, computer fault, remote takeover, and trojan horses, Mornex’s Vdom Cloud firewall service will provide peace of mind. Mornex is dedicated to the highest cloud security and cloud administration standards.

Risk management and information security control

Mornex specializes in risk management, purchase, consultation, coordination and expert solutions. Mornex investigates cross-organizational security measures realization, implements anti-encoding and data leakage solutions, fishing preventing and information transfer solutions, wireless secure solutions. Mornex also examines service blocking attacks, Fortigate, DDOS, and WAF solutions, as well as architecture solutions.

Mail filtering services

Mornex offers mail provider protection by filtering mail traffic recived by the organization, scanning and filtering all malicious files like spam links. The mail filtering service offers superior qualities for future hazard identification.

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Why information security and cybersecurity

Organization critical data leakage prevention 100%
Organization server penetration prevention 100%
Company network and site hacker attacks prevention 100%
Around the clock organization network monitoring 100%
Online organization security performance and accessibility data 100%

Our service offers a one stop shop solution, designed for unique organization requirements.
We provide our customers with the peace of mind that a well-performed organization needs to ensure a smart, ongoing, secure operation in optimal conditions.

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Mornex’s team will help you build the best plan for your company!

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