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Mornex IT services

Mornex IT services are a variety of technical and information security services regarding planning, building, and operating organization and business computing systems.

IT service success is measured by designing and enabling users to perform in an efficient, secure, advanced way.
As well as to diminish faults and increase organization business goals reach.

In this process, infrastructure, hardware, communication, information security, information system, maintenance level, and ongoing service requirements are characterized. The purpose is to meet organization goals and technological innovation while providing organizational peace of mind. 

שירותי IT לעסקים

Communication and equipment purchase

With the Mornex team of experts, you get a system, software, and services purchase management. Our team undergoes training, therefore, updated and is continuously at the forefront of technology. The team, therefore, offers each business the best-suited solutions, including tailor-made communication and hardware purchase.

Consultation and Information security solutions

Consultation and Information security solutions The only source of knowledge is the experience. In information security, one cannot afford to make mistakes. IT solutions must join efforts with information security, this being the reason to turn to the experienced Mornex team. The Mornex team's vast experience in solution implementation provides the customer with peace of mind, and the confidence of leaving your digital assets in the hands of the absolute best.

Local server and cloud management and operation

Data storage and backup on a server or several local + distant servers require early planning and handling. Preventing server down scenarios blocking access to organization data is at the base of a well-operated organization.

Advanced project management

Computing project management refers to setting up and implementing systems, networks, and information security. Organizations and businesses choosing Mornex teams of experts will have a team making the right decisions and following through with the work necessary to achieve a well-operated working environment.

Computer management and support

Continuously computer maintenance in an office is crucial to avoid massive faults causing expensive repairs. Mornex offers its customers computing services. Computer technicians will backup anti-virus files, update computer software and operating systems according to company requirements and development.

24*7*365 support

Mornex team high-availability, contact the customer instantly and problem-solving within 24 hours. In an organization machine-down technician arrives onsite within 4 hours.

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IT Services Pro

Organization efficiency and progress 100%
Speed, conviniace and outsource 100%
Maintanace, organization equipement fault prevention and communication network management 100%
High-level information security 100%
Alternative computer supply within 24 hours 100%
Consult, and technological guidance 100%
Help desk service and users’ support 100%
On-site fault solving technician service 100%
Working opposite communication suppliers in case of interenet problems 100%
Monitoring for real time faults detecting 100%
Operating local and/or cloud server 100%
Operating and maintaining domains and Email Google, Office365 or local server 100%
Expert services Linux, Windows 100%
Virtualization solutions VMware, Hyper 100%
Planning and managing projest for Office365 transfare 100%
Storage systems and NAS solutions 100%

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