Mornex – Cloud solutions

Cloud services are telecommute computing services, backing up organization data and files.
Mornex has invested in building unique cloud platforms, enabling organizations raising efficiency and moving towards a new, easy to use technological environment.
This is achieved by using high-end equipment, training a team of experts, and providing excellent uncompromising service.

Cloud firewall

Also known as firewall or VDOM services Cloud firewall is designed to protect the network from hackers and prevent unknown attacks. The firewall best protects the organization's network via a secure encoded connection. This service is crucial to every organization interested in peace of mind.

Cloud desktop

Some may know this service by other names like terminal telecommute, RDP, or VDI. This service enables software, mailboxes, office documents to be securely accessed from everywhere.

Cloud Mail

Cloud mail secured by a distant server. Data downloaded to the mailbox, so messages are visible even when offline while they remain on the server and enable multiple users and accounts access and a variety of devices synchronization. Most private users and organizations turn to cloud mail since it is superior to existing options, mainly multiple information security, and ample storage space.

VPN services

Otherwise known as the private virtual network is a surfing method meant to provide security and privacy in surfing through public networks such as hotspots, coffee shops and malls online networks, etc. Via VPN, the user can protect its privacy and go online, avoiding information gathering, cookies, and other nuisances.

Cloud Server

The cloud server is storage in a physical server, leased by companies to store and backup information, data, software, and files.

Cloud Backup

Automatic backup of organization servers – physical or virtual. As well as files and folders in your company. Done automatically daily for minimal nuisance.

DR- Disaster Recovery

Disaster or server shutdown recovery service, by existing computing systems duplication and backup. Backup is done automatically, stored in an advanced, secure server farm.

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Cloud services pro’s

Organization full information access 24/7 100%
Full daily organization data backup 100%
Full organization backup in advanced systems 100%
Instant restore via easy to use system 100%
Secure telecommute access 100%
Human resource, hardware, and software saving 100%

Mornex – Cloud solutions

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