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Mornex Microsoft services

Microsoft services are an integral part of organization administration.
Each firm uses Microfost services differently.

Mornex, a business partner having decades of experience, provides end to end hardware and software support solutions backed up by Microsoft corporation.

Starting with computer infrastructure:

  • Command and control via system center suite
    • Email migration to 365 Microsoft environment
    • Hyper-V infrastructure virtualization
    • Windows server infrastructural projects
    • Windows- next-generation desktop infrastructural projects
    • MSSQL 2012 based BI projects
    • SharePoint based diamond report portal
  • .net based systems
  • BI & big data solutions
  • SharePoint based Portals and systems
  • Windows and Office implementing and guiding

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Why Microsoft?

Cost-saving – purchasing license and hardware through Mornex gives the customer a significant discount, including consultation, guidance, and the ideal organizational solution. 100%
Easy maintenance – no operations system maintenance required. (including operating system security updates and database, system hardening, backups, etc.) 100%
Growth capability – the ability to increase server numbers by clusters if needed, as well as automatic storage volume expansion according to data amount. 100%
Survivability – the cluster can be spread over several availability zones. 100%
Performance – Mostly, cloud suppliers install database servers on SSD’s 100%
Security – encoding data in during traffic and storage 100%

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