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What are infrastructure and communication equipment services?

Mornex specializes in characterizing, designing, and setting up advanced communication infrastructures for businesses.
A team of expert advisors and technicians guides and supports the project in every step of its way: consultation, characterization, map and architecture, providing solutions, and building the project.

Continuous computing support and communication move your organization forward to an easy to operate, efficient, and orderly workflow.
Mornex supplies the largest most leading companies’ gear, to provide organizations with high-quality communication infrastructure designed to increase efficiency.

Security cameras

Mornex supplies digital IP camera installation enabling 24/7 online security. Security cameras upgrade the work environment providing high-quality images and security, diminishing breaks, and saving money.

Entrance control

Businesses, large or small, holding customer data, must provide them with information confidentiality and entrance control. Control can also restrict employees to their working zones. Control pros are in creating an efficient supervised entering/exiting procedures in a systematic, orderly fashion.

Setting up server rooms

Building and setting up server rooms is an integral, critical part of companies day to day work and future. The communication room must include servers, control and supervision systems, as well as comfortable work positions. Mornex team supervises the project staring from advising, characterizing, planning, and setting up through to post-setup service and guidance.

Power and communication outlets installation

Power and communication infrastructure installation requires vast experience and in-depth knowledge of various systems. Mornex installs computer and communication networks, including power and communication outlets, advanced technological equipment for your company’s proper and secure management. Mornex team, on-demand, map customer requirements, network type, and characteristics as well as power outlets

Communication Equipment

Mornex experts purchase communication gear suitable for customer needs. Mornex supplies full guarantee and related services. Consulting professionals in selecting the most suitable products is the right choice when lacking in the communication field knowledge. A vast catalog appears on Mornex website for you to examine, we will be at your service.

Work clock

Selecting the company’s work clock provides an affective 24/7 attendance method, whether distant or near. A fingerprint-based, proximity-based, face recognition based, reporting via an application, or a stationary phone sends real-time data enabling online supervision and tracking. A work clock system processes and produces on-demand reports by work hours to different payroll components (regular hours, overtime, weekend, holidays, sick days, travel expenses, etc.) and then sends the crucial data to payroll software saving pay expenses.

Fire alarm systems

Mornex supplies advanced technology alarm systems services, computerized and controlled, a public address and entrance control system, fire and smoke alarm system according to standard 1220, emergency buttons, wireless protection systems, or wireless and wired combined systems. Mornex matches the best system for each customer’s organization requirements.

24*7*365 support

Mornex team high-availability, contact the customer instantly and problem-solving within 24 hours. In an organization machine-down technician arrives onsite within 4 hours.

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I nfrastructure and communication equipment pro

Organization and time efficiency 100%
Cost-effective 100%
Technologically progressive 100%
Benefits workflow 100%
Eliminates faults and errors 100%
Good quality equipment and infrastructure 100%

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