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Information security issues are resolved by Mornex, a multinational computer counselling and network development company.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is one of our IT services. In this article we will talk about how it can help your company.

Backup, modern AI-based anti-malware, virus protection, and endpoint security administration are all combined into one service with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud. Connectivity and automation give service suppliers unparalleled simplicity by lowering intricacy, boosting efficiency, and lowering running expenses.


What it does

By using the cloud, you can prevent complicating your network and going through a gruelling configuration and implementation process. Simply establish a connection with the Acronis Management Server that is set up in the Acronis Cloud. Even more, by connecting with Acronis Cloud Drive, you can carry out dependable, off-site restoration with ease.


Benefits of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

Backup that is quick, simple, and safe for any job.

A complete backup system is necessary to protect each piece of information as IT networks become more advanced and complicated cyberattacks become more frequent.

To secure your information from threats, Acronis Cyber Protect combines backup with cutting-edge anti-ransomware solutions.


Secure all online and offline information

With a unified configuration and API for both physical and virtual machines, typical costs and complexity are avoided. No matter what happens locally, your data is secure.


Simplify NAS backup

Manage NAS backup to your preferred repository or the Acronis Cloud. Network use is reduced by tailoring recoveries with different backup kinds.


Backup your computer and cellular gadgets.

Defend any person wherever to secure sensitive information of mobile and distant workers. All common mobile systems, such as Windows, iOS, and Android smartphones, can be backed up.


Maximize storage efficiency

Manage your entire storage capacity effortlessly to cut expenditures. Reduce the burden on disk storage and network usage while protecting additional systems.


Return to the bare metal

Utilize a full network picture that is prepared for custom install to speed up restoration. On a pc with a blank storage device, it is simple to recover a whole system.


Avoid using ransomware

Secure your company’s network files and portable disks from dangers to maintain your IT “boundaries.” Even zero-day extortion assaults are avoided with MI-based technologies.


Backup of files and disk images

Backup specific documents or protect your whole company by creating a backup of the complete server in one file, enabling raw metal restoration. You can quickly recover all data to new gear in the case of a data catastrophe.


Ongoing data security

Establish a list of essential applications that are regularly utilized to make sure people don’t abandon their ongoing work. No matter in which the operator stores the document, the Acronis agent constantly backs it up while keeping track of any modification performed in the specified apps. If the system requires to be reimaged, you can reapply the most recent updates and restore operations from a backup to ensure that no information is missing.


Boost the quality of your security services to boost revenue.

Next-generation cyber security will safeguard all consumer workloads.

Reduce the potential risks for users by offering comprehensive cyber security that fully protects all of their operations and unlocks special features that aren’t offered by your existing security vendor. Take the IT cybersecurity threats of 2022 on head-on and drastically cut down on safety mishaps and losses. Utilize the leading impartial assessment tool.


Your needs-specific cloud backup and cybersecurity

A rapid start without financial commitment

Use off-site, encrypted cloud backup without worrying about setup, upkeep, or debugging.

Simple to operate and requiring less IT personnel

Utilize a user-friendly interface that is available from anywhere to carry out all of your cyber defence chores.

A cost-effective solution that lowers TCO

With a cost-effective membership, you can achieve regular charges and minimize capital expenditures.




Can I control all of my clients from a single account?

Daily tasks like checking conditions and running file restorations can be handled by a single associate administration user.

For first agent rollout and some restorations, a unique customer profile needs to be setup. This user must have a distinct username but can be connected to the same email address.

For safety reasons, unique profiles are made. They offer customer-to-customer data separation.


Do I have complete control over the configuration for my customer?

You can select one of the different Managerial options for managing accessibility to the client when establishing a client (client or associate) in the launch pad:

Self-service — This option restricts accessibility to this client for mother property managers. They are only permitted to change the tenant characteristics; they are not permitted to view or administer anything within.

Controlled by service supplier — This version provides the customer full view for managers of the mother occupant, including the ability to alter assets, administer client, users, and applications, and access backups and other assets.


What types of reports are offered by Acronis Cyber Cloud?

There are two types of reporting offered by Acronis Cyber Cloud:

Every operation on the network and every metered providing product are given actual consumption statistics through usage monitoring reporting, which is also accessible through API.

Comprehensive data regarding customer support operations (their accomplishments state), storage places (limited capacity), alarms, and other characteristics are given by dashboards and plugins.


Acronis cloud backup: Is it safe?

Acronis enables you to manage user security to your information.

Using a protected, encrypted connection, you can encode information on the devices and transmit it to the cloud in an encoded format. A stringent data centre security policy will further protect this cloud-based information.


How does ongoing data protection function?

Ongoing information security software backs up the storage units that have been updated — or freshly produced — since the last backup utilizing adjusted object monitoring after producing an original data duplicate to a security server, often located in the company’s internal datacentre.


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