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Mornex cloud email security services provide thorough corporate email security against a wide range of attacks when you want to safeguard your business against cutting-edge attacks and information leakage.

Email protection must be a key focus for your firm because 91% of cyberattacks begin as email-based attacks1. While offering the safe cloud email solutions you require to address new risks that your network was not built to handle, Mornex cloud email security protects you from common dangers like spamming, viruses, and malware.

The always-on, updated security provided by Mornex’s cloud email security solution does away with the complication and expense of on-premises solutions. Additionally, it offers comprehensive and customizable email security settings.


What is cloud email security? 

Technologies for cloud email security are created to offer complete defence against email-borne cyber-attacks. Among the crucial characteristics of a cloud email protection system are: Anti-Phishing: Phishing attempts are becoming more challenging to recognize and thwart as they get more advanced.

One of the popular forms of commercial interaction is email, yet because of this, it is frequently the focus of assaults. Every business must have an email security plan in place to reduce the security threats associated with business email. The degree to which a company is exposed to cyber security attacks can be significantly reduced by reducing email security-related dangers. The crucial first actions that a company should take to safeguard business email conversations are outlined in these email security guidelines.


Acronis Email Security

Improve your email security using cloud computing.

Email is the largest hazard to your customers; use a special technique to neutralise it and reduce hazards in email correspondence. You can provide more extensive cyber security thanks to advanced email security without adding to your administrative workload.

With numerous levels of security, Advanced Email Security, driven by Perception Point, can stop all email-borne risks, including as spam, phishing, BEC and impersonator efforts, malware, APTs, and zero-days, before they affect end users.


Ransomware and malware

Malicious cargoes, such as malicious documents and URLs, are the most prevalent means of distributing malware, which includes Trojans, worms, ransomware, adware, and infections. Every day, hundreds of new virus varieties are created. When securing collaborative systems from sophisticated evasive strategies, legacy methods fall well short.
With its multi-layered safeguards, Comprehensive Email Security assists you in preventing malware, such as:

  • Anti-evasion: Find dangerous material that is concealed
  • Threat intelligence: Stay on top of new dangers
  • Malicious URLs can be found using anti-phishing filters.
  • Block recognized malware with antivirus software
  • Capture zero-days and APTs that elude traditional defences using a next-generation adaptive accelerator

How can cloud email security be improved?


Use Secure Credentials: To get access to worker email identities, hackers frequently use password-filling and credential-guessing assaults. A robust password protection strategy that is implemented and enforced aids in reducing this issue.


Enable MFA: To login to an email account using MFA, you must have more than simply a credential to hand. By doing this, the effects of a stolen worker login are lessened.


Use an email secure system to protect against a variety of email risks, such as fraud, ransomware, and information leakage. Email security systems can identify and stop these attacks. The continually changing email risk environment must be managed by adopting an email security strategy.


Train Your Staff: A lot of email-based assaults are made to hoodwink staff into doing things that will help the adversary. A key component of an email protection plan is educating staff on typical email risks and how to handle them.


Monitor Configurations: After gaining access to an email account, a hacker might modify parameters or set up mail redirection so they can receive and send emails from it covertly. The detection of hacked identities can be aided by routine checks of email setups.


Don’t treat email security separately. Although email security is essential, it is only one entry point for hackers. Criminals often attack additional weak spots in your business, including the cloud apps you use and the sites your staff visits. Although they are frequently compartmentalized, it is crucial to utilize techniques to defend each of these routes separately. As a result, individuals in charge of safeguarding their workers are unable to properly monitor what takes place in their online settings. Choose a security system that works well with other protection components.

Independent Security. The future of genuinely destroying those silos is autonomous safety. Data can be fed from one provider to another using a system like ours that unifies all an organization’s main intelligence agencies. Any person who clicks on a questionable link in an email will have that link promptly added to web protection and blacklisted. The era of email security is here.


Email link analysis. Technologies that check hyperlinks for harmful links can act as a security net against assaults that depend on them. The chance of a worker failing to recognize the carefully selected site in the page URL or clicking on a link to a totally genuine site that is momentarily hacked is eliminated by these technologies, which determine whether the URLs in an email message are suspect. Many link detectors provide users the choice of scanning links both at the moment the email is delivered and when it is clicked, protecting them using real-time popularity and textual assessment.


Mornex’s Cloud Email Security Solutions

Cloud email security is more crucial than ever as businesses increasingly use remote workers. Find out more about protecting the remote workers for your company.

An email security technology created by Mornex offers complete defence against current email cyber-attacks. To test it out, feel free to sign up for a complimentary demo.

For more information about our cloud email security solutions contact us. 

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