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For companies that want to make sure that their IT infrastructure stays clean and up to date, CrowdStrike Falcon is the ideal cloud antivirus system. In addition to functioning as a cutting-edge antivirus, this ground-breaking cloud-based endpoint security solution has endpoint detection and response capabilities. This makes it possible to quickly identify and eliminate threats at impacted endpoints. CrowdStrike Falcon is a lightweight technology because it is built in the cloud. Even so, it is robust enough to manage millions of endpoints every day from various nations on many continents. CrowdStrike Falcon’s API is also available to programmers, making it simple to integrate with different security systems. This improves the security of their organization even further.


What is CrowdStrike Falcon?


CrowdStrike Falcon is a completely cloud-based product that provides users with a Security as a Service (SaaS) antivirus solution. Falcon saves the cost and effort of administering, maintaining, and updating on-premise software or hardware because it doesn’t involve the installation of servers or processors.


CrowdStrike Falcon features

CrowdStrike Falcon’s primary characteristics are:


  • Malware Detection
  • Exploit Detection
  • Endpoint Detection & Response
  • IOA Behavioral Protection
  • Whitelisting & Blacklisting
  • Analysis & Reporting Tools
  • Customizable Feeds
  • Security Threat Alerts
  • Real-Time System Inventory
  • Real-Time Application Inventory
  • Current & Historic Activity Search
  • Insight & Intelligence
  • API Integration
  • Real-Time Endpoint Activity Monitoring


Benefits of CrowdStrike Falcon


The key advantages of CrowdStrike Falcon are its extensive feature set and trustworthy security assurance. Here are some more of the system’s advantages:


Enhanced Security

CrowdStrike Falcon, an endpoint security software that simultaneously serves as an antivirus, gives businesses peace of mind.


Additionally, a variety of preventative mechanisms are available to fend off inventive attacks. This is so that CrowdStrike Falcon’s systems can distinguish between malware-based threats and dangers without malware.


Additional Time Value

Due to its cloud-based design, CrowdStrike Falcon can be completely operational in only a few minutes. No extra gear or servers, certificates, or modifications are needed. When a business has CrowdStrike Falcon, it may use it right away to defend its endpoints.


Performance Improvement

Once CrowsStrike Falcon is operational, businesses can count on exceptional efficiency. Endpoints are unaffected by setup and installation, as well as by routine activities like endpoint monitoring, querying, and investigation.


Real-Time Spotting

CrowdStrike Falcon operates around the clock so businesses can receive immediate alerts in the event of intrusions or other security threats. CrowdStrike Falcon can efficiently prevent and detect threats by gathering and examining data from the whole network.


Additionally, the software constantly logs activity, which can later be used for thorough evaluations. This makes it possible for IT security staff to identify, investigate, and fix issues fast.


Threat Spotting

Businesses using CrowdStrike Falcon also have access to a controlled and proactive threat detection solution. The service guarantees that no threat slips through the gaps and eliminates false positive results. This also frees up the time of the business’s IT staff. When necessary, security professionals also take steps to avert or lessen problems. They can also collaborate with a company’s personnel to find a solution.


Adversary Information

By giving IT security professionals data and information on enemy tactics, CrowdStrike Falcon also assists them in preventing common attacker entry into their systems. In order to better defend against cyber security threats, businesses can benefit from this.


Crowdstrike Falcon Technical Specifications


Web-based Device Support


Customer varieties:

Small, Medium, and Large Businesses


Support Methods: Phone and Online

Falcon Prevent offers next-generation antivirus (NGAV) features that deliver thorough and tested defense for your business against malware-containing and malware-free threats. With CrowdStrike Falcon Prevent, businesses can safely upgrade their outdated legacy AV systems since it incorporates sophisticated Indicator of Attack (IOA) behavioral approaches, machine learning for detecting malware programs, exploit prevention, and malware detection for known malware.

CrowdStrike can identify live Indicators of Attack (IOAs), recognizing confrontational action and behavior patterns throughout the whole attack time frame, all in real time, unlike other security mechanisms that only use Indicators of Compromise (IOCs), such as existing malware signatures, hash algorithms, domain names, IPs, and other hints left behind after a violation. By using Falcon’s special ability to find IOAs, attacks can be avoided before they occur
Falcon offers cloud-based antivirus and IOC detection abilities for possible attacks. Falcon uses IOA detection for unknown and zero-day threats, creating prediction models utilizing machine-learning approaches that can accurately identify suspicious attacks that have never been seen before. This IOA analysis, which is powered by the CrowdStrike Threat GraphTM data model, detects behavioral traits to identify new assaults, whether or not they involve malware. Especially when it comes to unidentified and previously undetected developing dangers, Falcon’s detection algorithms vastly outpace other security products on the market in terms of their range and capacity.

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) features from Falcon Insight give you ongoing, thorough transparency into what’s occurring on your endpoints in real-time. A possible intrusion can be detected before it affects your business thanks to Falcon Insight’s broad range of services in monitoring, reaction, and investigations.

Every preventive technology needed to safeguard the endpoint, whether it is online or offline, is built into the small Falcon monitor that operates on each endpoint. These solutions include exploitation blocking, hash blocking, and CrowdStrike’s behavioral artificially intelligent assessment methods, known as Indicators of Attack, to defend against both known and zero-day malware (IOAs).

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