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Global computing company providing business consulting, planning, and coordinating in the world of information security, cloud solutions, and computing. Designing solutions, especially for your organization. We guide, we develop, we are partners.

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MORNEX Solutions

Cloud Computing

Matching high-end technological cloud solutions to upgrade and raise workflow efficiency.

שירותי IT לעסקים

IT services

Consulting, planning and installing the organization’s computing systems. Infrastructure, hardware and software requirements characterization to improve a technological forward workflow.

פתרונות אבטחת מידע

Information security and cybersecurity

International standard complies information security and cybersecurity layer protectingfrom breakins and business data theft.

authorization and software

Authorized license management for various software: Microsoft, Fortinet, Bitdefender, Eset etc. setting company IT to best use platform infrastructure.

Infrastructure and equipment services

Plan and install all work environment technical equipment. work clock, security cameras, intercom etc.

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Globaly active 24/7

Our team is easy to reach. Immediate telephone response to the customer. Fault solved within 24 hours. on site technician whith 4 hour is case of machinedown faults.

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Why Mornex

A unique work process, designed to characterize best and match organization cloud, communication equipment, information and cyber security needs.
1. Cost-free characterize
2. Solution match
3. Pilot launch and system install

Mornex team of experts arrives at your company for infrastructure examination, reviews the options leading to the best solution.
The team puts together a workplan by planning an accurate project according to the company’s budget and needs. 

Our team is easy to reach. Immediate telephone response to the customer. Fault solved within 24 hours.
on site technician white 4 hour is case of machine down faults.

The team works across senior high-tech firms managers, entrepreneurs and highly experienced company owners.
Mornex team is has a hand on industrial experience so we can provide the best service and level of expertise.

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