Mornex has listed six tips on selecting your IT service, cloud computing, and system supporting company for your business, which is not an easy choice to make.
A support company has access to sensitive information and is responsible for an essential factor of your firm; you should be able to trust it fully.
Presented to you is a guide to help you make the right decision.

1. Recommendations – A good, high-quality company should have a variety of customers willing to recommend its service. Contacting a recommending customer, check how long it has been the firm’s client. A short time business connection might imply a high changeover.
However, long-lasting customers prove that a firm can grow alongside its customers and supply computing and IT services for a long time.
Ask customers about support services properties:
Response time, the team’s level of expertise, the nature of assistance received in complex purchase projects like cloud implementing.
Answers to those questions will have the quality firms stand out.
2. Team expertise – At the end of the day, a winning team is a group of people determining the quality and nature of the service you receive.
You should review the number of experts, accredited by national companies like Fortinet, Cisco, Microsoft, and Checkpoint, and how often they go through training and updating.
Accreditations are a sign of real knowledge as opposed to practical experience alone.
Also, you could check if company experts provide answers; all too often, you will reach a call center with less experienced employees.
In high-level support companies, an expert will be there to answer your first call.
3. Long term consultation and planning – In a year, your business will be different than the way it is today, more so in two years.
On occasions, firms offer solutions to specific issues or projects.
Excellent IT service companies’ level of expertise, professionalism, and service quality can be spotted and witnessed as early as in contract signing.
Also, cooperation will have you build an annual work plan suitable for your business.
If you plan on expanding or developing a new line of business, a great computing company will be able to offer solutions in advance.
Check if your company gives solutions and ideas for future and not just current issues.
4. Continuous monitoring – A great IT company is one that you rarely hear from. Business owners know that when a support company does its job correctly, the office systems and cloud services work flawlessly.
The reason being the continuous monitoring high-quality companies do, usually oblivious to the customer solving minor issues before they become major.
Check if the potential support IT service supplier frequently monitors the systems (servers, backups, security). This will save time and money, avoiding shut down, resulting from unhandled issues.
5. Familiarity with your line of business – Different businesses use different tools for running their activities. It might be different software, unique online services, specialized hardware, or any other unique means for your line of business.
A chain may use cash registers when IT companies use technological development tools.
Serious companies that work for a variety of customers know, in advance, which solution you might use.
This knowledge will save you money and learning time that a company with little experience might cost.
6. Cost – Often, IT and computing costs are the first factor in reviewing system support companies.
We believe this is the last factor to take into account. A serious company will present several service options matching your needs and budget.
Do not forget that cost is not assessed by monthly payment or a call cost. Price should be evaluated against business shut down that may occur, should there be server malfunction for a day, or the backup not correctly checked.
Quality companies end up on top when cost-efficiency is measured as opposed to companies offering low costs solutions, focusing on getting as many customers as they can.
Mornex offers professional support services provided by a team of experts, experienced in many lines of businesses. Our variety of service options keep our customers working with us for many years, Mornex grows with the customers and deals with new professional and business challenges daily.
We do all that as we continuously monitor business’ systems and ensure your peace of mind as you run your business.
Get to know a new way of professional IT and computing services.
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