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Michael Bagdadi – CTO

Mornex is proud to present its talented team. Today in – “Meet a staff”, here is our technological manager – Michael Bagdadi. Michael is one of Mornex’s founders. He runs the company’s technological field for the past five years, in charge of technological developments, features and innovations. Having many years of experience working for a large communication company, Michael identified a technological need for SMB and SME companies, and he runs technologically advanced development procedures to provide these companies with adequate services. As the company founder, Michael maintains a family-like environment and recruits a team of experts – always the best for the company’s knowledge and professional development. Michael loves music and is a photography enthusiast; in his spare time, he loves to spend time with his family and travel abroad. Life motto: “Choose the work you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

Odelia Ks Amzaleg

Today we present Odelia Ks Amzaleg - administration manager. Odelia joined us three years ago as an administration manager and financial supervisor. She is excellent at accounting and formulating formal documents. She is like our mom, arriving every morning smiling and singing, greeting and checking up on everyone. The homey and family-like environment is what prompted her to work here. She always appreciates hard work. Her hobbies are: design, styling, out of this world productions and traveling around the world. Odelia’s motto: “Do only what makes you smile”.

Evgeny Likhonosov - System Administrition

Meet Evgeny Likhonosov – he has been with us for over three years as a system administrator specializing in cybersecurity. Evgeny’s brother Pavel works in Mornex as well, in the same department. Their dynamics are fantastic. Evgeny’s motivation is persevering in a field where one can grow and succeed, investing in Mornex projects as a way to develop new horizons and learn new fulfilling technologies. Working in a young, dynamic atmosphere inspires Evgeny to reach new heights. Evgeny loves to hike, swim and play tennis. He is a walking encyclopedia and there is never a dull moment when he is around. Life motto: “Stay hungry, stay foolish”.

Yaron Beker - Account Sales manager

Hi, we’re back. This week on Mornex blog – meet our distinguish employee – Yaron Beker. Yaron has been with us for the past two years as an account sales manager. After 6 years of working in Netvision, his specialty is service and sales procedures management. What drove Yaron to work in Mornex is the human quality both professionally and personally, as well as knowing that the work environment keeps evolving and continuously growing, giving him the feeling that he can also grow. Yaron indeed loves the togetherness. In his spare time, Yaron loves to go to the beach, hike, and visit new places in Israel and abroad. Life motto: “Let go of the past, live the present so you can make it in the future”.

integration team manager

Elad Elimelech - Integration Team Manager

Meet a special guest – Elad Elimelech, integration manager. Elad joined the team as a reinforcement to run the Mornex integration team. He is excellent in employee nurturing and developing, computer communication, and information security. His desire to develop professionally and personally, as well as sharing his knowledge, is what drove him to join Mornex. In his spare time, Elad watches Marvell movies and is a Barcelona enthusiastic fan. Life motto: “Seek, and you shall find”. Good luck

system administrator

Pavel Lichosonov - System Administrator

Welcome Pavel Lichosonov, who’s been with us for more than two years. Pavel is Mornex’s system administrator; his strong side is communication equipment and information security, particularly in Fortinet and Cisco systems. Pavel is a soulful player, looking out for everyone, and a responsible employee. He is a lot of fun to be around and has a great job. Teamwork in a dynamic, exciting and challenging company is what drove Pavel to Mornex. Arriving at work every day knowing you can do what you love, endlessly learn and evolve, train and achieve accreditations. Pavel loves children, the beach, and computers. Life motto: “Live and let live”.

טכנאי מחשבים ותקשורת

Sergey Novitski - IT Technician

Welcome back to our technological blog, today meet Sergey Novitski. Sergey joined us a year and a half ago as an on-site communication and computing technician. He excels in hardware and end-users. Mornex recruiter heard of him as soon as he graduated from school and called him in for a job interview. Sergey’s motivation is knowing he works with great people in a family-like environment. In his spare time, he loves to spend time with his family and friends. Life motto: “Enjoy life”

system administrator

Valery Vapniash - System Administrator

Today on “Meet the staff”, we have our sharp Valery. He is a system administrator specializing in servers and IT. Valery has been with us for a year, and besides his great work, we enjoy his original music and sharp mind. Valery wanted to try something new, work in a versatile environment, and learn new technologies. Once he started working, he connected to the young, encouraging workspace and the opportunity to further know and study computing. Valery also appreciates being able to evolve and even cycle to work – what a great way to combine work and being physically active. Valery loves to hike; he likes computers, computer games, and airplanes. Life motto: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

System Administrator

Obeida Chazam - System Administrator

Meet Mornex’s employees – Obeida Chazam. Obeida has been working with us for 2.5 years as a system administrator. He is an information system and server manager, handles faults and runs a unique company project. Mornex’s solutions are what motivates him to work with us, and the company offering employees to lead projects and new procedures. Obeida is an enthusiastic gamer and loves taking things seriously and not rushing to make decisions. He thinks about decision making when drinking the best coffee he brews for the team and himself on coffee breaks. Modesty and sweetness are his most prominent qualities. Life motto: “Success is the ability to run from failure to failure with passion.”

טכנאי שטח

Bar Sherer - IT Technician

This week on “Meet the staff”, We’ve had Bar as an on-site computing and communication technician for a year. He is a CRM champion and also great at networks, information security and PC. Some of the things that drew him to Mornex are being able to learn from people with vast knowledge and managers' patience to teach and train. Bar wishes to make progress and he aims high. Bar’s hobbies are: studying, dismantling and fixing everything in his reach, 4X4 trips, dogs, extreme, woodwork, and visiting amusement parks. Life motto: “Hakuna Matata”

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