They take control of our computer, with high devotion and zero consideration, causing damage – How could you prevent ransomware virus from attacking and taking control of your systems?

However you put it, most chances it will knock on your company’s doors.

Many executives are unaware of hackers’ attacks, or they avoid protecting organization systems.

Even though some attempt to be careful and prepare, there is still a high possibility of ransomware take over.

We have heard of hackers takeovers, causing hotel shutdowns, later were released in seconds following a single telephone call and ransom fee payment.

Other incidents were of accounting firms’ data and files encoding, pharmaceutical assembly lines take over threatening to damage procedures or formulas.

These are real stories that you might come across.

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a cyber-attack by encoding/ blocking company documents or taking control of confidential information, production procedures, etc.

The attacker restricts organization files and system access, shuts them down, and asks ransom fee for their release.

Later, the attacker leaves a message on the computer, demanding payment for removing the virus encoder and enabling data usage.

You should take precautions, preparing for the day of the attack, or the business might suffer irreversible financial damage.

Popular virus types

There are hundreds of “ransomware virus” types and a variety of methods in which they operate, causing takeovers.

The most common are Cryptowall and Locky.

New viruses and some of the ransomware viruses are based on old viruses, but, do not worry, Mornex team specializes in setting up technologically advanced platforms.

Mornex utilizes its vast knowledge for file restoring while protecting the company from possible attacks.

How does the virus end up on your computer?

The most common way a virus ends up on your computer is by email.

When a user clicks a viral link sent by email, the virus activates, and hackers now take control of the computer and telecommute it.

The virus operates undercover and starts causing computer damage.

You may notice folder changing; this is how the encoding starts, files deleting, and computer access password changing.

Caught a virus – there is a cure.

In case of a ransomware attack to the company computer, you must turn to the information security department to prevent additional attacks; they will attempt to restore data and the situation to normal.

In small to medium-size companies with no information security departments, you should contact Mornex team.

The Mornex team of experts will provide critical information about the virus and offer attack solving options such as risk management and information security, Firewall, DR, Fortiget, DDOS, and Waf solutions, architectural solutions etc.

In case of a personal computer, you should pull the plug on the computer immediately. Cyber specialists recommend not to pay ransom fees; in some cases, hackers will not give back access to the computer even if you paid the fee.

You should contact cyber companies offering advanced technologies, able to bypass the hackers’ block, and accessing blocked files.

Contact our team of experts today to get the ultimate solution for your business.

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